Route 66 Map

Route 66 Map
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Friday, August 19, 2016

Political Economy of Route 66

Geography is all about connections, and just as the Mother Road connects Chicago to L.A., the stories of the road connect it to the political and economic changes that shaped the twentieth century, particularly its music.

I had not really thought of it in these terms, until I recently heard a couple segments of Fugitive Waves, which examines the cultural legacy of Route 66 from several perspectives, including the the music inspired by its role as a route in the Dust Bowl migrations.

In the process of looking for the Kitchen Sisters podcast, I encountered another radio program about Route 66, also broadcast via PRX -- Route 66 Forever. In turn, I learned that this oral history is part of  Across the Tracks, hosted by the University of New Mexico.

With so much scholarship and journalism already produced, we are going to need all of the time between now and our own journey, just to read and listen to it all!

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