Route 66 Map

Route 66 Map
Getting Our Kicks

Monday, March 31, 2014


This blog is well ahead of its time. Years ago -- when we lived much closer to Route 66, Pam got The Mother Road as a gift for James. While we lived in Arizona, we explored a few stretches of the famous old route.

We are a small family with a disproportionate presense in the blogosphere, and a proclivity to write about the places we visit. We have not yet met a place that was "boring" and like to highlight what we see.

In addition to the blogs -- past, present, and future -- that we will link on the right-hand panel of this blog, we have set our sights on one big adventure for the "66th" year. James will turn 66 in May of 2029, with Pam to follow in 2030. We will use the summer in between to trace what is left of the famous Chicago-to-LA route.